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Lulu's Blog

T H A N K S G I V I N G: [ thangks-giv-ing ]


the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors.

2020 has been a year like none other.  With a global pandemic in full force, a turbulent election behind us, unjust racial inequality still rampant, countless forced into eviction, and the closures of small businesses nationwide, it’s understandable if our outlook is less than stellar.

Let me tell you, it is not in my make up to be positive.  My natural instinct is to see the worst in people and situations.  Luckily, for those around me I became a member of Alcoholics Anonymous almost eleven years and I was introduced to the concept of gratitude.  By no means am I always a ray of sunshine, but I do try to find the best in situations.

This year has definitely tested my ability to find a silver lining, as I’m sure it has many of you.  When I take the time to reflect on the past eleven months, it hasn’t all been bad.  Our family was blessed with two new lives, Harley Gene + McCoy Ryker.  Miraculously, we are all healthy and have accepted that masks and excessive hand washing is the new normal.  My husband, Ryan still has a job and is actually busier than ever leaving me to care for our two boys, and although my nanny search has been fruitless, I’m spending more time with these little guys than I ever would have under different circumstances.  More importantly, my mom and I have still have jobs, (truly amazingly I do since I NEVER work).  We have customers / friends in all of you, who although are facing a myriad of troubles yourselves, take the time and put in the energy to support our local family business.  That alone makes 2020 not only bearable, but a time for which we can be grateful.

Thanksgiving always evokes reflection for me, probably in part to the name, ‘thanks-giving’.  Years ago, in my past lifetime, this holiday season was invariably the beginning of my downfall and when I compare 2020 to 2009 I cannot count all my blessings.  Even if I were to lose my job, my house, all the everyday luxuries I have, I would still be grateful.  What I’ve discovered in doing the twelve steps and (trying) to live with an attitude of gratitude, is that life isn’t all that bad, and even when it’s difficult and scary, there is always hope.  I have my family in my life, I have a clean conscience, I have two healthy little boys, a Whistlepig, my health and people that care about me… what more could I ask for.

My whole point is, there will always be trying times, there will always be outside circumstances that affect us, but there will always be good things too, and good people.  All you reading this are why I’m grateful today.  Thank you for choosing to shop local, thank you for asking how we’re faring through this unprecedented time, thank you for referring your friends and neighbors, and thank you for believing in lulu’s.

Happy Thanksgiving from our little family to yours.

Caitlin + Chris