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lulu’s Furniture & Decor is a full-service residential design firm, which focuses on mid to high-end residential projects and commercial spaces. We believe we are the ‘new world of design’ with an approachable style. At lulu’s, we are committed to designing spaces that are a true reflection of the clients living in them. Our staff will work with you from conceptualization to the finished project. We tailor your space with furniture, accessories and custom pieces to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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My family jokes about how furniture is in our blood and it all started when my dad, Nick Vranesic, dropped out of school in the 8th grade to go to work for Colorado Bedding. He truly was a self made man as he worked himself up through the ranks to become a top salesman for assorted furniture manufacturers and retired from Spring Air Mattress some sixty years later. Since his start in the business, he got many family members involved in it including his brothers, son, both daughters, son-in-laws, grandkids and great grandkids; now over thirty immediate family members are in the furniture industry.

Lulu’s furniture & decor came about on my 50th birthday, when I signed the lease on a little space in University Hills Plaza in 2007, where we were open for three years. We moved to LoHi in the Olinger building in 2011 at which time Caitlin, my daughter, came on full time, and really helped to grow the business. We are absolutely thrilled to be moving back “home” to our ‘hood to Kent Place with an anticipated opening of late March of 2018. Our new location will be the best so far as it is a bit larger so we may showcase more furniture styles, and offers better parking. I look forward to seeing many old friends in our new location as we begin this new chapter, as well as meeting many new people.

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I’ve been asked time and time again how I got started in this industry and my honest answer is I’ve always been a part of it.  I learned early on in life the ins and outs of remodels, what tools are used for what jobs and that you can always change something.  Initially though, I became a part of lulu’s as a way for my parents to keep an eye on me when I was first getting sober.  With time, came freedom and a sense of purpose and almost elven years later I’m still at it.

If you’ve ever seen me in the shop I’m the one who’s dressed like a slob, most likely standing on the very top of a ladder with a box cutter in my back pocket and nails in my mouth.  I am constantly moving and always fiddling;  I am unable to sit still or to be content with things being out of place.  I drive everyone who works with me (and lives with me) crazy, but this is part of why I am good at what I do. 

My attention to detail in the creation of spaces enables me to blend traditional and modern styles with the unexpected.  I’m all about a timeless aesthetic with contemporary twists.  If you want the southern farmhouse look or shiplap, I’m not your girl.  If you want to have some good laughs and L O V E your home then we’re going to be a great fit.

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