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Here we are… months into a recession, confronting a global pandemic and globally protesting police brutality, racism + BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. Jesse James of Aesthetic Movement quotes, “Any one of these realities would constitute a defining moment, but together they create a reckoning and a time in history as important as any of us will experience in our lifetime.”

It’s taken a lot of time + thought to attempt to put into words the anguish, the contempt + the disbelief we’re experiencing at the state of our nation. It’s truly monumental that A) anyone sees anyone of a different color, race, gender, sex, religious beliefs, etc as LESS THAN. B) that in 2020 this is happening continuously. C) that our ‘leaders’ sit back + do NOTHING. D) that the president of the United States condones, engages + turns a blind eye to all that is WRONG. #georgefloyd is one of TOO many lives lost + brutalized from ignorant, narrow-minded, self righteous, privileged + appalling human beings. This MUST STOP NOW. BLACK LIVES MATTER | ALL LIVES MATTER. We recently wrote on our windows the message to BE KIND + while that seems like the obvious + the ethical thing to do, it also seems like our words + actions are futile. We must step up, as a nation, as a community, as ONE to end this antagonistic behavior. We teach our children to love thy neighbor + treat each other equally + we need to practice these principles in ALL OF OUR AFFAIRS. ✌️✌?✌?✌?✌?✌? #blacklivesmatter #walkwithus #justiceforgeorgefloyd #justice #endpolicebrutality #endracism #letsbeunited #equalityforall #equality