Frequently Asked Questions

Interior Design and Store Policy FAQs

Questions you might have regarding our move:

Questions you may have with our move:

1.  I ordered furniture, what happens now?
Everything will progress exactly as before.  Your merchandise will ship to our 
warehouse, at which time we will notify you of its arrival.  We will then give you the name of delivery companies we use and you may schedule delivery at your

2.  I want to order furniture? 
Though we do not have the particulars determined exactly yet, we will have a place to meet to look at catalogues and fabrics and assorted items to sit on and see the quality.  One scenario we will be to have a temporary showroom set up at our warehouse at 730 South Jason, Unit 25.  This is basically off Alameda and Santa Fe, so fairly close.

3.  I would like to get design advice?
This will go on like normal, and the fastest way to schedule that is by emailing
our lead designer, Caitlin Marsh, at

4.  I need a gift, what do I do?  
Our online shopping cart setup has been an ongoing process, but we are investing in it to make your shopping easier.  We already have it set up for in store pickup, and are working on getting orders to ship out immediately.  This is especially easy for some of our favorite items; Lafco, Saint, and MerSea candles, Blenko pitchers, Kiku handmade glass coasters, Houston Llew Spiritiles, Norwalk Furniture Pillows, JellyCat Stuffed Animals, our great assortment of puzzles and books, etc.  

5.  You guys sure move a lot, what’s up with that?  
Each spot has been a good experience for us, and we are constantly learning and evolving, so that is the plus! 
But, in the meantime we are here until February 10th, and we will be offering a different discount everyday.  Follow our instagram to see the daily announcement!