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That Feeling

We’ve all had that feeling: when you put everything you have into something and the end result is exactly as you envisioned.

Owning a small business is NOT easy, not by a long shot, but the creativity aspect, the freedom from corporate chains and being able to work with my mom outweighs the hard days tenfold.  Often times after we’ve brought in new merchandise and ‘shuffled’ the store we step back and have that feeling.  Like, damn this looks good!  So to be recognized and have our work validated it makes putting everything into our something all worth while.

5280 Magazine recently published an article on us, “One of Denver’s Hottest Home Good Shops moves to Englewood”.  Rebecca L. Olgeirson’s words captured that feeling as well, “The shop retains the duo’s relaxed, modern-chic style, and you’ll still find lots of timeless furnishings; eclectic accessories, art, and lighting; and a great selection of barware and gift items, including gorgeous candles from Voluspa and Mer-Sea.”

Thanks 5280!