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Autumn is in the air

The chill in the air made me think of home cooked meals so I decided to roast a couple of chickens.   Hours later,  the smoke alarm beeping, the dogs hiding in the closet, and the doors open to let the smoke out and the cold air in, it reminded me why I do not cook.  A much easier way to have your house reflect the change in weather is to bring in something not normally in your home, such as Plush Pumpkins.  These beautiful handmade pumpkins, reusing actual pumpkin stems, are a beautiful reminder of October. This company which was started in 2002 by Monya Kampa in Minnesota, has had a ton of knock offs trying to replicate her products, but her pumpkins remain the most beautiful.  She uses silk to make them and fills them with recycled plastic, so between using pumpkin stems and the plastic, they are a nice repurposed piece.    Please come by and look at their naturalness and great colors, and think where they may add a spot of autumn color in your home.