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American Made Relationships


The furniture and retail business is built on relationships, so please accept our sincere wishes for a happy and healthy new year; we could not have made it this far without you.  Caitlin and I have really been soul searching and trying to figure out ways to make shopping at lulu’s the best experience possible.  We are very much in the mind state that with all the negativity in the world now, we want to be a store of inclusion and positivity.  Please stay in touch as we delve deeper into this, but know we are evolving just like many of you. This mural from the Denver Market reminds us of this and we thought it absolutely beautiful.

We just attended the Atlanta Gift Show where we really searched for products made in America and are happy to report that we were successful on several fronts.  We were so fortunate to visit the workspace of one of our favorite vendors, House Llew Spiritiles.  Houston was celebrating his tenth year in business and we were invited behind the scenes to actually make a spiritile ourselves.  It was a blast and seeing the intricacies of what goes into making one has given us a whole new sense of appreciation and pride that we are able to offer them to our customers.  Houston and his art is a true success story of an American doing what he loves and we are proud to be a part of his vision.

Another American company we love is Itinerant Studio, with the husband-wife team of Vicky and Tom.  These two talented midwest photographers travel around the world capturing images they then print on many different mediums, including aluminum, wood, and now plaster.  We ordered some of their new tabletop prints, which will offer consumers a small, very well priced, piece of original art, but are most excited about the piece they photographed from the Detroit Industry Mural, a fresco by Diego Rivera.   Please come in to the store to see this beautiful piece of art in the next month or so.  We have been buying their art for many years, and I actually own a few of their pieces from Cuba which I absolutely love.

Since baby Cullen has come on the scene we are more aware of babies and are taking our baby section up a notch.  Included in that are new blocks, frames, and other assorted items for baby from _______, a mother daughter company based in New York. 

We went gaga over Eddie Lawrence and his awesome black and white book sets when we saw them several years ago, and have been buying them ever since then.  He told us his story about being a rep trying to sell antique books to stores and how he came up with the idea of making these visually impactful books.  We love them and ordered several sets, including some new quotes, which will be showing up in the next few weeks.

You know we like to have fun and had some laughs over a book titled El Arroyo, which is a collection of photographs of the funny signs from the well known Austin, Texas restaurant. Come read it and see what your favorite one might be in this great little gift book.

We like to tell our customers that we may be your personal shoppers, so if you are looking for a particular piece of furniture/lighting/art please let us know as we will be off the Las Vegas Furniture Market next week.  This is a bi-annual event where all the major manufacturers introduce new pieces and where we go to shop for new items for the upcoming seasons.  It is an exhausting and overwhelming three days, but necessary to be on top of our game.  January is a busy month with markets for stores like ours, with trade shows being held in Atlanta, Dallas, LA, New York and Vegas.  We vary our buying trips in hopes of always finding new vendors and suppliers.  Please come see us these next few months to see all out new items.

Finally, I want to congratulate my daughter and partner, Caitlin Marsh, for celebrating her tenth year of sobriety on January 16th.  We have been on a journey few people go through and for her to come out on the other side and be the person she is today, I have nothing but admiration, pride, respect and love for her.  Way to go!